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Can I choose my menu?2021-04-22T11:35:28+02:00

We offer a set menu of healthy meals that rotates every 4 weeks. We also adjust the menus with seasons and availability from our farmers. You can view the MENU for the two next weeks here. We strongly believe in using local, seasonal and fresh produce. All our meals are plant-based, 100% natural and whole food. We don’t use refined sugar nor processed food. We even make our own plant-based milks by blending nuts with Züri water!

EATbyalex weekly menu

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How do I order for more than one person?2021-04-22T11:07:09+02:00

You can easily order your healthy and plant-based meals for you and your friends or family. You will be able to add one or more people to your order once you have customised your package. Start by selecting your meals and dates on the BOOKING PAGE. Next, enter your delivery details and then you will be able to add one or more people to your order.  Each additional person can have a different meal selection but the dates and delivery address must be the same as the original booking.

Order for more than one person

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What is the serving size of EATbyalex meals?2021-05-27T14:43:09+02:00

The serving size of our nourishing meals is made for one person. Each category of meals are designed to have roughly the same macronutrients values as indicated on our website here.

EATbyalex Signature Meal Plans

LEAN is our classic meal package with all your meals for health and balance. It contains roughly 1500-1600 whole food calories every day.

STRONG is out athlete meal package with all your meals for strength and energy. It contains roughly 2000-2100 whole food calories every day.

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When can I start?2021-04-28T12:36:33+02:00

You can start your program as soon as next week. Though, we suggest to book your weekly package by latest the Friday before your scheduled start. It is sometimes possible to book as late as Sunday but we cannot guarantee availability. In special cases, we can organise an earlier start if you send your request to us PER EMAIL.

Your weekly packages can be 3-, 4- and 5-days any days from Monday to Friday.

What if I’m not home during delivery?2021-04-28T12:29:58+02:00

If you are not home during deliver, our delivery partners will leave your bag in your mailbox or wherever possible. Please make sure to empty your mailbox to leave enough space for your bag. You can leave your delivery instructions when your book your meal package online.

Please note that while our partners will do their best to follow your delivery instructions. Though, we cannot guarantee that they will be accommodated and we are not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged deliveries that result from these requests. It is your responsibility to be home during the delivery window.

How often do you deliver?2021-04-28T12:20:27+02:00

Our weekly meal plans take place from Monday to Friday. We believe in eating fresh food every day, therefore cook and deliver all your meals once a day. Unlike many meal plan delivery companies, we do not cook your food for three days at a time but instead fresh every day. Additionally, all our ingredients are sourced every day allowing us to have a zero waste concept.

Your deliveries will take place the evening before except on Sunday evening when we don’t deliver. Your Monday meals will therefore be delivered on Monday early morning.

Classic Delivery Times

classic delivery times

Business Delivery Times

Business Delivery Times
Where do you deliver?2021-04-28T11:59:15+02:00

We deliver in the whole Canton of Zurich by bike in the city and by car outside. We also deliver in some cities in Canton of Schwyz like Wollerau, Pfäffikon and Feusisberg. For further request, get in touch with us!

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Is it a diet?2021-04-28T12:48:12+02:00

No, our meal plans have not been designed to be a diet. Instead, all our meals are highly nutritious to keep you satiated and energised for the day. We only use clean ingredients. That means no refined sugars, nor processed foods. Everything we cook is 100% natural and therefore without preservatives.

Our meals are plant-based, so without meat and dairy products. If you are used to consume sugar, dairy and meat, you might experience weight loss. Your body will initially for the first few days crave sugar but eventually you will feel stronger and leaner.

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