Alex is a trained plant-based chef specialising in whole food. She studied culinary arts at Matthew Kenney Culinary in Los Angeles from where she brings creative and exciting new recipes.

Before her studies, she already was a true foodie, either finding the latest cool spots or in hosting dinner parties at home for friends and family. Alex loves travelling and for her that means booking restaurants over accommodation. Upon her return from Los Angeles, she promised herself to bring tasty plant-based food home to Switzerland and to promote a healthy lifestyle without any compromises.

Her journey started by organising pop-up dinners in unique locations which despite being plant-based, generated a lot of attention.

She launched in June 2018 two complete clean eating experiences, LEAN & STRONG, where every day for 5 days, you receive freshly prepared and ready meals at home. Her intention in creating these packages was to showcase the incredible power that eating whole and plant-based food can have on your body and mind.

Alex also recently started organising cooking workshops to encourage people to cook, eat and celebrate plant-based foods. And if you have a restaurant and would like to offer more plant-based options, Alex would love to help you develop a simple but delicious set of recipes to broaden your offering.

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