November 2019

5 Minutes with Alex Marmaziu | In the press

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Q&A with Alex Marmaziu for LiveLife Still or Sparkling? Sparkling when I’m very thirsty and still the rest of the time. Caffeine: hell yeah or no way? Just yes! I used to drink much more coffee in my corporate job. Every moment away from the desk was a great opportunity to grab a coffee 🙂 Since I [...]

September 2019

August 2019

August Promotion | Free Delivery


Book in August and enjoy free delivery by bike. It's so much more fun to share your healthy meals! We decided to offer free delivery if you book for two or more people at the same address in ZĂĽrich*. *This promotion is only valid through August 2019 and only applies for deliveries in [...]

New location | EATbyalex LAB


New location, new start. We are super happy to announce that we have relocated to Enge. Our new address is Brunaustrasse 61 | 8002 Zurich. Our new space will allow us to grow and bring a lot of new things to you. Our production kitchen is also much larger here [...]

In the Press | NZZ

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Clean Eating per Velokurier – ein Selbstversuch Montagmorgen auf der Redaktion. Am Empfang stehen zwei Kehrpakete von Eat by Alex für mich und meine Redaktionskollegin Jocelyne Iten bereit. Darin finden sich jeweils Zmorge, Zmittag und Znacht, ein Immun-Shot und ein Nachmittagssnack, Spirulina-Tabletten und ­Probiotics. Itens Paket enthält zusätzlich einen Protein-Shake. So wird es die [...]

July 2019

June 2019

Clean Eating Workshop for Swarovski

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CLEAN EATING WORKSHOP Learn about clean eating and how to cook delicious and nutritious plant-based food. WORKSHOP AGENDA - The meaning of clean and plant-based eating - How to do it - Q&A - Let’s cook - Quick recipes for everyday use Great company with a lot [...]

March 2019

In the press | 20 Minuten


From banking to entrepreneurship An interview by Geraldine Schläpfer for 20 Minutes. Dear Alex, you worked in a Swiss Bank for a long time. How did you end up in the healthy food industry? I strongly believe that we are not only meant to have one career. We all have passions and [...]

November 2018

Cooking Workshops


Join Yoga Nora & EATbyalex for the second edition of our plant based clean cooking workshop, it will blow your taste buds! Nora & Alex will teach you their favourite recipes that you can easily execute at home for yourself, your children, your family and your friends. The workshop will be centered around brunch [...]

August 2018

EATbyalex menu examples


What should I expect in my daily packages ? Here are two classic examples of what to expect during your clean eating week LEAN. The STRONG week includes one more meal in the form of a protein power shake which contains roughly 15 grams of natural plant proteins and around 500 calories. Creating new [...]