August 2020

Barista Cashew Milk Recipe


Ingredients for 1 litre of milk 60 grams raw cashews 1 litre water 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 pinch of salt In order to get a smooth milk, I suggest to first soak your cashews overnight. Rinse them before blending. In a jar, add the rinsed cashews, water, coconut oil and [...]

July 2020

Apricots Almond Frangipane Recipe


Ingredients for 1 rectangular tart 1 puff pastry - our favourite one is from Migros 1 kg apricots 100 gr ground almonds 50 gr almonds 50 gr flaxseeds 150 ml water 1/4 tsp salt a pinch of raw vanilla powder This tart is very easy, so delicious and it's vegan. We [...]

April 2020

Choco Peanut Fudges Recipe


Are you ready for this incredible new recipe?? I was trying to create something chocolaty for Easter and this is the result, awesome choco peanut fudges. It's super easy and it looks so beautiful. I am not even talking about the taste because for all our peanut lovers, this will be love at first [...]

March 2020

Wild Blueberry Shake Recipe


Our wild blueberry shake recipe is high in fibres, antioxidants and vitamin C and I’m sure all theses ingredients are still available in stores or in your homes😆. If you want to have a version with more protein, add 10 grams of plant-protein like peas or hemp. You also can add a fresh or [...]

Green Hummus Recipe


When I created this green hummus recipe, my idea was to come up with a different colour and so green it was! You can replace the herbs with any other herbs you have in your fridge or on your balcony. I love to add spinach to make it even more vibrant and because it [...]

Harissa Flaxseed Crackers Recipe


Harissa Flaxseeds Crackers Recipe This is such an easy recipe to execute and a wonderful base for a hummus or as complement to soups. Flaxseeds are a great source of proteins and they are local too! Same recipe could be prepared with chia seeds but I consciously wanted to use local seeds. By the way [...]

January 2020

Red Cabbage & Chestnut Soup Recipe


This red cabbage and chestnut soup recipe was inspired by the delicious and comforting vegetables available in winter in Switzerland. I love the colour of it and to make it even brighter, I added beetroot to the recipe. Beets are so great to add to a soup because they are so sweet and balance [...]

Banana Protein Pancake Recipe


INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE Wet ingredients: 400 gr peeled bananas 500 ml water 35 gr walnuts 35 gr coconut sugar or maple syrup 25 gr melted coconut oil and more for cooking Dry ingredients: 180 gr buckwheat flower 20 gr unflavoured & unsweetened plant protein 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder For [...]

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