• Discovery Pack | 1-Day Trial

Discovery Pack | 1-Day Trial

Receive a day of meals in our Discovery Pack to experience the benefits of eating whole and plant-based foods. You will have the chance to try all our 6 meals and get a taste of what a day with Eat by Alex feels like. The Discovery Pack will help you decide which meal plan is best for your body and lifestyle. 


  • Nutritious Breakfast
  • Whole Food Lunch
  • Nourishing Dinner
  • Power Treat
  • Vitamin Shot
  • Protein Shake


CHF 65 instead of CHF 100. The discount of CHF 35 will be added at checkout. Alternatively, you can use the code "discovery-pack-0" at checkout to redeem the code. It can only be booked once by new customers. 


Monday Package: Monday 5 - 9am (our couriers will only ring after 7am)
Tuesday Package: Monday 3 - 7pm
Wednesday Package: Tuesday 3 - 7pm
Thursday Package: Wednesday 3 - 7pm
Friday Package: Thursday 3 - 7pm

The Discovery Pack is available in the cantons of Zurich, Zug & Schwyz.

Choose up to two dislikes and which day you would like to enjoy the Discovery Pack. 

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