Discovery Pack

Curious about what our meals taste like?

The Discovery Pack is the perfect entry into our world. Our menus change daily and are comprised of a wholesome breakfast bowl, a nourishing lunch, a nutritious dinner, a replenishing treat, an invigorating shot and a fulfilling protein shake. Alex, our founder & CEO, believes that keeping healthy, whole-food based snacks close to hand will make building a clean eating practice easier. Our vitamin shots provide critical supplements, such as vitamins D and B12, while our snacks and power shakes are packed with natural protein to help boost energy while quelling hunger.

Taste all 6 meals

Receive a day of meals in our Discovery Pack to see whether you’re ready to embark on a fuller, clean eating adventure. You are only left with exploring our next week’s menu online and choosing a date to get started !

What’s included in your Trial Pack:

The Discovery Pack costs CHF 65 instead of CHF 100 and can only be booked once by new customers.