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Eat Clean Week with Yoga

One week of cleansing body and mind. In collaboration with EATbyalex and Corina Dettling we present our first Eat Clean Week with Yoga from September 16th until September 20th.

When Alex talks about “clean eating” she refers to whole, plant-based, organic, freshly-prepared food that is 100% natural. In a bit more detail: Whole food, in contrast to processed or refined food, is rich in natural fibres and vitamins that support a healthy gut – which is our second brain. A plant-based diet is any diet derived from plant sources such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds and nuts. Alex uses organic and freshly delivered ingredients to prepare each day’s menu. As she preferably buys from regional vendors, her food comes as close to “farm-to-table” as possible. Her clean eating approach nourishes you with the correct amount of proteins, complex carbs and good fats rather than just counting calories. When eating a whole and plant-based diet for 5 days, you can expect to feel energised with brighter skin, better sleep, improved digestion, and less cravings.

This program is accompanied by a daily yoga practice from 7 to 8 am with Corina. She is not only a passionate teacher with her own studio but also a specialist in yoga therapy, reflexoglogy, aroma therapy, Thai massage, Ayurveda, and natural cosmetology. These early morning yoga classes are thematially interwoven with the nutritional aspects of this Eat Clean Week, focusing parallel to the cleansing of the mind.

Your nutrition package is delivered daily to the studio for you at the end of the yoga class. The program is not suitable for participants with allergies to coconut, ginger and/or any nuts. If you have food allergies and are unsure about participating, please contact us per Email: hello@eatbyalex.com


Monday, September 16th – Friday, September 20th


Yoga Classes every morning from 7:00 until 8:00 with Corina Dettling.


Yoga am Hottingerplatz AG
Hottingerstrasse 35
8032 Zürich

Telefon: 044 501 04 25
E-Mail: info@yo-am-ho.ch


Eat Clean Week Nutrition & Yoga package: 485.-

Registration https://yo-am-ho.com/spezial-kurse/

Registration deadline

Monday, September 9th, 2019.

Registration is final and only valid on selected date. The registration is transferable to other participants but not refundable.

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