LEANbyalex menu examples

//LEANbyalex menu examples

LEANbyalex menu examples


What is in every day’s menu? Here are two classic examples of what to expect during your LEANbyalex program.

Creating new recipes and always making the program better is key to us! We just recently decided to bring bowls in the evening. From September 2018 onwards, there will be a soup for three of the evenings and a bowl for the other two evenings in the 5-day program.

Chewing your food is one of the most important factors in this cleanse and in general for your health. By bringing bowls in the evening, we take the chewing process one step further. Our busy lives imply that we simply don’t have and don’t take enough time to savour our meals. It also very often happens that we forget to properly chew and instead just quickly eat a snack or something because we are hungry. This program helps you become more present in your life, lose some bad habits and learn to dedicate real time to your meal times. It’s only 5 days but you will feel transformed.

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