LEANbyalex is a 5-day program that will guide you to CLEAN EATING with all your READY-TO-EAT and WHOLE FOOD meals delivered by bicycle to your home or office in Zurich. The weekly programs run from Monday to Friday which means the weekend remains yours to indulge. The delivery of your FRESHLY PREPARED meals will be done once a day from Sunday to Thursday between 16:30 and 18:00.

No need to shop or to cook anything, instead you receive a daily package with all your NOURISHING and BALANCED meals. Everything is 100% NATURAL, ORGANIC, PLANT-BASED and UNREFINED. And we are very proud to LOCALLY SOURCE our fresh produce from farmers around Zurich wherever possible.

The program offers a large VARIETY OF MEALS which change every day and consist of a nutritious breakfast, a whole food lunch and a cleansing dinner. You will also receive an immune booster shot, a power treat and food supplements in form of tablets. LEANbyalex is an ALKALINE program which has been specifically designed to reduce your body’s acidity.

This nutrient-rich program will give you plenty of ENERGY and only requires your commitment to clean eating for a minimum period of 5 days. In exchange, you will feel LEANER and STRONGER and because all the meals are ready to be enjoyed, you will have MORE TIME that you can dedicate to yourself and to feeling better.