Next week you will only be able to book our special A-LIFE Program.

A-LIFE, our fasting-mimicking program is back for a last time this year from October 19th until 23rd.

Achieve longevity, slow ageing, reduce disease and manage weight are some of the benefits of fasting. Our special package helps you achieve this fasting state while still getting the right nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

This meal plan is a restrictive diet unlike our classic packages LEAN and STRONG, so please make sure that you can take part before signing up. There is only one delivery for the whole week and you will get access to special workouts from our partners during the week.

A-LIFE a fasting-mimicking program

Additionally, you will get a special discount for booking our classic packages the week before and after A-LIFE. Our classic packages LEAN and STRONG will resume on October 26th.

A-LIFE a fasting-mimicking program