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LEAN and STRONG are weekly complete food experiences that will guide you to CLEAN EATING.  The daily packages include all your READY-TO-EAT MEALS and are delivered by bicycle to your home or office in Zurich. The weekly experiences run from Monday to Friday because the weekend should remain yours.

No need to plan, shop or cook anything. Instead you receive a daily package with all your NOURISHING and BALANCED meals. Both packages offer a large VARIETY OF MEALS which change every day and consist of:

  • a nutritious breakfast
  • a whole food lunch
  • a cleansing dinner
  • an immune booster shot
  • a power treat
  • a protein power shake (STRONG package only)
  • spirulina & probiotics

By CLEAN EATING, we mean that all the ingredients we use are 100% NATURAL, ORGANIC, PLANT-BASED and WHOLE FOOD. Our meals are “clean” of any processed foods, refined sugars and we only use gluten-free products. Sustainability is key to us and we are very proud to LOCALLY SOURCE our fresh produce from farmers around Zurich wherever possible.

Furthermore, both our packages are ALKALINE and have been specifically designed to reduce your body’s acidity.

The nutrient-rich meals will give you plenty of ENERGY and only require your commitment for a minimum period of 5 days. In exchange, you will feel LEANER and STRONGER and because all the meals are ready to be enjoyed, you will also have MORE TIME that can be dedicated to yourself and to feeling better.

If you are new to clean eating, you will have the possibility to access our WhatsApp group chat where you can ask questions and where everybody shares their experience and motivates each other. This is also where you will receive your FOOD MENU each day along with many further details of the ingredients being used and lots of GUIDANCE to ensure that you make the most of it. At the end of your clean eating experience, you will receive a booklet with a series of recipes to support your clean eating journey at home and spread the love to those close to you. One of our goals is that you LEARN from this experience and apply your new knowledge at home as well.



  • Get LEAN while eating tasty food and not counting calories

  • RESET your body from processed foods and sugars

  • Eat the right quantity of whole food for a HEALTHY and BALANCED LIFESTYLE

  • EASY and CONVENIENT, no need to plan, shop or cook your meals

  • VARIETY of meals with a completely different menu every day

  • Designed for FOODIES who love eating and discovering new foods

  • LEARN new recipes and be inspired to clean eating
  • Not a juice detox, get MORE FIBRES and LESS SUGARS

  • Ready to commit to 5 days of WHOLE FOOD that will make you FEEL AWESOME