Discovery Pack

If you’re curious about what our meals look and taste like, our Discovery Pack is the perfect entry into our world. Our menu may change daily, but they are always comprised of a wholesome breakfast, nourishing lunch, nutritious dinner, a replenishing treat, invigorating shot, and a fulfilling shake.

  • Discovery Pack | 1-Day Trial

Discovery Pack | 1-Day Trial

Receive a day of meals in our Discovery Pack to see whether you’re ready to embark on a clean eating adventure. You simply have to choose which date to get started.


  • Nutritious Breakfast
  • Whole Food Lunch
  • Nourishing Dinner
  • Power Treat
  • Vitamin Shot
  • Protein Shake


CHF 65 instead of CHF 100. The discount of CHF 35 will be added at checkout. Alternatively, you can use the code "discovery-pack-0" at checkout to redeem the code. It can only be booked once by new customers. 


Monday Package: Monday 5 - 9am (our couriers will only ring after 7am)
Tuesday Package: Monday 3 - 7pm
Wednesday Package: Tuesday 3 - 7pm
Thursday Package: Wednesday 3 - 7pm
Friday Package: Thursday 3 - 7pm

The Discovery Pack is available in the cantons of Zurich, Zug & Schwyz.


Our Meal Plan Service

We believe in freshly made meals with no waste. We cook and deliver your meals once a day. Our meal plans are available in three frequencies:

5 days (Monday-Friday)
3 days (Monday-Wednesday)
2 days (Thursday and Friday)

Complete your booking by midnight on Friday to begin receiving your subscription the next week. Bookings made on the weekend will only be processed the following week.

Flexibility is at the heart of our plans. Try one out for a week, or subscribe at 15% off. Should you ever feel like you need to take a hiatus, our subscription plans can be paused or cancelled with two days’ notice. Make any changes by Friday to implement them the following week.

Monday Meals
will be delivered between 5am to 9am. Our couriers will only ring after 7am, please make sure to check your mailbox.

Tuesday to Friday Meals
will be delivered daily between 3pm to 7pm from Monday to Thursday.

We deliver in the Cantons of Zurich, Zug, and Schwyz.