Discovery Pack

If you’re curious about what our meals look and taste like, our Discovery Pack is the perfect entry into our world.

  • Discovery Pack | 6 Signature Meals

Discovery Pack | 6 Signature Meals

The Discovery Pack was designed to help you decide on a Meal Plan that is best suited for your body and lifestyle. It is based on the ALL DAY Meal Plan with the protein shake add-on option which includes all 4 ready-to-eat meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & protein shake) plus a vitamin shot & a power treat.

The Discovery Pack will allow you to experience the benefits of eating whole and plant-based, and will give you a taste of what a complete day of meals with Eat by Alex could feel like. 

This package is usually best suited for someone looking to consume more than 2000 whole food calories. We send you the complete menu but you are free to order less in the future when building your desired Meal Plan. 


Nutritious Breakfast Bowl Power Treat
Whole Food Lunch Bowl Vitamin Shot 60ml
Nourishing Dinner Bowl Protein Shake 500ml

Our team of chefs prepare a seasonal menu that changes every day. You can customise your Meal Plan by choosing up two dislikes.


The Discovery Pack is only available in the cantons of Zurich and Zug, Schwyz and in Rapperswil.

The Discovery Pack is only available on Thursday and Friday. The Thursday pack will be delivered on Wednesday 3 - 7pm and Friday Package on Thursday 3 - 7pm.

When purchasing a Discovery Pack, you agree with us sharing valuable tips and advice about health and well-being via email. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

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