Guided Programs

Try one of our three targeted guided programs. In each program we support you with prepared meals and individual guidance to help you achieve your specific goals. Whether you are looking for a detox, physical reset, or to build a lifestyle around eating plant-based, we have a program to support you along the way.

Green Week

Our 7-Day signature meal program with guidance for a mindful transformation.


Build longevity with this 5-Day fasting-mimicking program.

New Life

Start fresh with this 9-Day Program which expands on the A-Life program with two days of nourishing meals before and two days after.

Customer Stories


Great food, great service. I’ve had both the detox week and the regular menu and my body thanked me for it. Creative and healthy recipes that were so gentle and nutritious for my body in and out… even my skin was glowing. Thank you all.


I had a very good experience with A-life fasting-mimicking program. The daily portions are neatly served, and it is easy to follow. The effect is also very good. I am sure it varies by individual, but I have seen that my skin cleared up within 2 days of fasting. Also the support team is very helpful and answer the questions you may have very quickly. Highly recommend!


Since I started doing your programs, I’m much less determined on how many calories, fat, proteins, carbohydrates I intake but I listen to myself and load my body with a healthy and complete “diet”. I’m grateful for this wonderful change.
The food is simply delicious and varied and I feel so much more energized.

Green Week

This new program will guide you towards a more mindful life. We will teach you how to consume more plants through mindful eating and add easy, healthy, and sustainable habits into your daily routine. During this program you will eat whole food meals prepared from Eat by Alex every day, take extra time for self care, and learn all about nutritious plant-based eating, cooking, and sustainability.

Clean and green: Unprocessed and organic whole food ingredients


Inspired by the biogerontologist Dr. Valter Longo, this longevity-driven program puts your body into fasting mode while still providing the right nutrients and mineral supplements to enable it to reset and cleanse. This vegan meal program is delivered altogether at once and includes organic and natural granola bars, soups, snacks, shots, teas and supplements, which are all sugar, dairy and gluten-free. A-Life is delivered everywhere in Switzerland.

Don’t lift a finger: We cook and deliver

New Life

This program expands on A-Life's detox and intermittent fasting ethos by adding two days of our daily meal plan before and after the core offering, so that you can smoothly ease in and out of the A-Life experience.New Life is also accompanied by a curated selection of on-demand workout and wellness videos, that guide you on how to develop a yoga, physical training or deep breathing practice. Special workshops and nutritional concerns, like how to balance hormone levels through eating, are further available as an add-on for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of eating clean.


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