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We are driven by the power of food as medicine

Our goal is to help you achieve longevity with personalised nutrition. Enjoy the benefits of a whole foods and plant-based diet made from only the best high quality ingredients.

Nutrition programs designed for maximum benefits.

Feel energised, less stressed, and satisfied. Meals delivered right to your mailbox.

Benefits of a Longevity Diet

Improved Brain Function

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases

Enhanced Gut Health

Improved Health & Well-being

Prioritise your health
+ save time

Our programs allow anyone, no matter how busy, to tackle their health goals.

It’s all about harnessing the power of food to enhance your wellbeing. This isn’t about dieting or calorie-counting, this is about forging long-lasting change.

Meet our Founder

Alex founded Eat by Alex in 2018 with the mission to empower people to add more plants into their lives for a stronger body and a better planet.

Customer Stories


I bring my meals to work, and I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t have to think if it’s healthy or if there’s ingredients that I don’t like in it. I don’t have to make a bad choice because I know this part is covered. 


I've been enjoying Eat by Alex for 18 months now, Monday to Friday, and can feel a huge benefit throughout the day. I'm more energetic, not hungry, less bloated and I have lower stress. I've also been able to maintain muscle and loose body fat in the process.


I don't have to worry anymore about how and where to get my food. I know I will have all the nutrients, it tastes amazing and I get all the variety. I am eating the rainbow while managing my diabetes 1 very smoothly.