EASE-OUT | A-LIFE Transition Program | DAY 6 + DAY 7

Daily calories | 1’600 whole food calories | LEAN Package

After your A-LIFE program, the transition period is crucial to completely feel the power of fasting. Eating clean for a few days after your 5 days of fasting-mimicking will complete your transformation.

Days 6 & 7, more specifically, are key days to set a new base for your body and to work on creating a healthy routine on which you will build on. The A-LIFE Ease-Out Pack contains two days of the LEAN package. It will provide you with the perfect balance after A-LIFE  and allow you to increase the calorie intake with super healthy and clean meals for the whole day. Our team of chefs have prepared the ready-to-eat meals using only whole food and seasonal ingredients.


The A-LIFE Ease-Out Pack can only be delivered in Cantons of  Zurich & Zug. It will be delivered once on Thursday evening after 16:00 to your desired shipping address.


2x Nutritious Breakfasts
2x Vitamin Shots
2x Whole Food Lunches
2x Power Snacks
2x Nourishing Dinners

Our menus are changing every week and use seasonal ingredients.