2-Day Package | A-LIFE Transition

This program provides you with the two days following the end of A-LIFE. They will completely transform your fasting-mimicking experience and will provide you with the transformation period after completing A-LIFE. This program allows for a smooth transition back to normal because you eat super healthy and clean meals. It will, additionally, help you build a strong gut.

Our team of chefs have prepared the ready-to-eat meals using our whole food and clean eating concept. Both packages EASE-IN & EASE-OUT contain each 2 bags that will cover your food intake for two days. They will be delivered to your selected delivery address.


Each package includes 2 bags with each:

1x Nutritious Breakfast
1x Vitamin Shot
1x Whole Food Lunch
1x Power Treat
1x Nourishing Dinner

Approx. 1’600 whole food calories per day. All the meals are good for at least 3 days from delivery. Our menus are changing every week and use seasonal ingredients. Your package contains the same meals as our weekly custom meal programs.

For this package, we unfortunately cannot accommodate any special requests. Allergies should be discussed with us per email prior to booking.


After your A-LIFE program, the transition period is crucial to completely feel the power of fasting. Eating clean for a few days after your 5 days of fasting-mimicking will complete your transformation.

Days 6 & 7, more specifically, are key days to set a new base for your body and to work on creating a healthy routine on which you will build on. It will provide you with the perfect balance after A-LIFE  and allow you to increase the calorie intake with super healthy and clean meals for the whole day.


EASE-OUT is a 2-day package that can only be delivered in Cantons of Zurich, Zug & Schwyz. Additionally, we also deliver to the Baden area, Rapperswil & cities in Canton of Lucerne that are neighbouring Canton of Zug. We will contact you to confirm the delivery date prior to start.


The EASE-OUT program can only be purchased in combination with the A-LIFE program. We can only accommodate for specific dislikes, please get in touch with us per email to confirm your special requests. Free cancelations are only possible 5 Zurich business days prior to your scheduled start.