What is in the pack?

1x Nutritious Breakfast
1x Whole Food Lunch
1x Immune Booster Shot

How it works?

You never have the time to get your healthy food for the day at work ? Order our special Nutrition Pack that includes a nutritious breakfast, a whole food lunch and immune booster shot. Our menus change every day! Your order needs to get to us at least one (1) Zurich business days before delivery.


Fresh, tasty, delicious and nutritious is what we stand for. All our meals are plant-based, 100% organic, natural. For breakfast it’s either a shake like an almond date shake (500 ml) or breakfast bowl like our superberry bircher muesli (350 grams). Our large lunch bowls contain roughly 400 grams of whole food and a dressing of 60 ml. The immune booster shots are about vitamin C & D.

Delivery by bike included in Zürich City

  • Order by Friday 4pm – delivery on Monday morning.
  • Order by Sunday 4pm – delivery on Monday afternoon.
  • Order by Monday 4pm – delivery on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Order by Tuesday 4pm – delivery on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Order by Wednesday 4pm – delivery on Thursday afternoon.