How It Works

You never have the time to get your healthy food for the day at work ? Order our special Office Nutrition Pack that includes a nutritious breakfast, a whole food lunch and power snack. Our menus change every day! The minimum order is 4 packs per day with a free delivery by bike in the city of Zurich done the evening before. Your order needs to get to us at least two Zurich business days before delivery. For a delivery on time for Monday or Tuesday, please order by Thursday morning the week before.


A new menu¬†delivered to your office every day! Fresh, tasty, delicious and nutiritous are what we stand for. All our meals are plant-based, 100% organic, natural. For breakfast it’s either a shake like an almond date shake (500 ml) or breakfast bowl like our superberry bircher muesli (350 grams). Our large lunch bowls contain roughly 900 ml of whole food and a dressing of 60 ml. The power snacks are either raw power balls, muffins or a cheesecake.


Our delivery options are:

  • Monday morning after 8:00 for Monday lunch – order by Thursday morning.
  • Monday afternoon before 17:00 for Tuesday lunch – order by Thursday morning.
  • Tuesday afternoon before 17:00 for Wednesday lunch – order by Monday morning.
  • Wednesday¬†afternoon before 17:00 for Thursday lunch – order by Tuesday morning.
  • Thursday afternoon before 17:00 for Friday lunch – order by Wednesday morning.

Get in touch per email to find out the daily menu of our Office Nutrition Pack.