How It Works

Would you like to order our whole food bowls for you and your team at lunch? Order a minimum of 6 bowls and get a free delivery by bike in the city of Zurich the evening before. Your order needs to get to us at least two Zurich business days before delivery. For a delivery on time for lunch on Monday or Tuesday, please order by Thursday morning.


A new bowl every day!  Fresh, tasty, delicious and clean. All our meals are plant-based, 100% organic, natural. We use no refined sugars and no gluten. We produce fresh bowls every day from Sunday to Thursday. There is a flavour every day Рget in touch with us if you want to know the menu of the week. Our large bowls contain roughly 900 ml of whole food and a dressing of 60 ml. They are packaged in cardboard bowls lined with PLA and with a PLA lid. PLA is a compostable and plant-based material.


Our delivery options are:

  • Monday morning after 8:00 for Monday lunch – order by Thursday morning.
  • Monday afternoon before 17:00 for Tuesday lunch – order by Thursday morning.
  • Tuesday afternoon before 17:00 for Wednesday lunch – order by Monday morning.
  • Wednesday¬†afternoon before 17:00 for Thursday lunch – order by Tuesday morning.
  • Thursday afternoon before 17:00 for Friday lunch – order by Wednesday morning.

If you would like to know the menu before ordering your whole food bowls, get in touch with us per email.