• A-Life | Deep Reset | On-Demand
  • A-Life | Deep Reset | On-Demand

A-Life | Deep Reset | On-Demand

A-Life is a 5-day Fasting-Mimicking Program that puts your body into a fasting mode while still providing the right nutrients and supplements to your body. The restricted calorie diet makes your body think you are fasting and therefore reset and cleanse.

The On-Demand version allows you to choose your desired start date. This version comes without our chat guidance and without the live workouts. The soups and shots will be delivered to you frozen. We suggest that you unfreeze your next day’s meals (two soups & one shot) in your fridge overnight.


  • 5 breakfasts | granola bars & frozen shots
  • 5 lunches | frozen soups & snacks
  • 5 dinners | frozen soups & snacks
  • in-between snacks


  • Vitamin & mineral supplements
  • Teas bags & salt bath
  • On-demand workouts


Cantons ZH, ZG & SZ | Delivery will take place the evening before your start date, except for Monday when the delivery will take place on Monday morning before 9:00. 

Rest of Switzerland | Swiss Post delivery will by place the morning of your start date by 9:00. 

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