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Banana Cake Recipe

This recipe is inspired by Yoga Nora's recipe of the Banana Bread that we teach how to cook in our Plant-Based and Clean Eating Cooking Workshops. We both love it so much !! It's really easy to execute and one of the best recipe to practice baking without gluten and without any [...]



Cooking Workshops

Join Yoga Nora & EATbyalex for the second edition of our plant based clean cooking workshop, it will blow your taste buds! Nora & Alex will teach you their favourite recipes that [...]


Beetroot Hummus Recipe

Ingredients for the Beetroot Hummus 1 medium sized cooked beetroot – chopped 1 tin cooked chickpeas (400 g) – keep the chickpea water 2 tbs tahini 1 tsp cumin powder 4 tbs [...]


EATbyalex menu examples

What should I expect in my daily packages ? Here are two classic examples of what to expect during your clean eating week LEAN. The STRONG week includes one more meal in [...]


Summer Muesli Recipe

Ingredients for two 60 g gluten-free oats 15 g chia seeds 40 g pumpkin seeds 2 medium peaches or nectarines preferably ripe zest of half lemon 1/4 tsp vanilla powder (not vanilla sugar...) [...]