January 2020

Spiced Pumpkin Cake Recipe


We hope you will enjoy this spicy and delicious pumpkin cake as much as we do. We wanted to make sure it's not too dry while still being as healthy as possible. Recipe for one cake Ingredients - to be blended 750 g Hokkaido pumpkin or butternut squash 75 ml water [...]

Banana Protein Pancake Recipe


INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE Wet ingredients: 400 gr unpeeled bananas 500 ml water 35 gr walnuts 35 gr coconut sugar or maple syrup 25 gr melted coconut oil and more for cooking Dry ingredients: 180 gr buckwheat flower 20 gr unflavoured & unsweetened plant protein 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder [...]

December 2019

Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe | Christmas Special


INGREDIENTS FOR ONE LARGE PUMPKIN 1 large pumpkin (around 1 kg) 220 g cooked chickpeas or 220 g cooked quinoa or 220 g cooked chestnuts 500 g mixed mushrooms - cut in 1 cm cubes 60 g olive oil for the mushrooms and some more for the outside of the pumpkin 3 sprigs rosemary [...]

Gooey Choco Cookie Recipe


Recipe for 10 cookies Dry ingredients 80 g oats 20 g buckwheat flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 40 g coconut flakes 40 g ground hazelnuts 80 g coconut sugar 20 g cacao power a pinch of salt Wet ingredients 25 g melted coconut oil 25 g sunflower oil 25 g water 1 flaxseed egg For 1 [...]

November 2019

5 Minutes with Alex Marmaziu | In the press

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Q&A with Alex Marmaziu¬†for¬†LiveLife Still or Sparkling? Sparkling when I‚Äôm very thirsty and still the rest of the time. Caffeine: hell yeah or no way? Just yes! I used to drink much more coffee in my corporate job. Every moment away from the desk was a great opportunity to grab a coffee¬†ūüôā Since I [...]

September 2019

August 2019

August Promotion | Free Delivery


Book in August and enjoy free delivery by bike. It's so much more fun to share your healthy meals! We decided to offer free delivery if you book for two or more people at the same address in Z√ľrich*. *This promotion is only valid through August 2019 and only applies for deliveries in [...]

New location | EATbyalex LAB


New location, new start. We are super happy to announce that we have relocated to Enge. Our new address is Brunaustrasse 61 | 8002 Zurich. Our new space will allow us to grow and bring a lot of new things to you. Our production kitchen is also much larger here [...]

In the Press | NZZ

2019-08-11T15:59:12+02:00News, Press|

Clean Eating per Velokurier ‚Äď ein Selbstversuch Montagmorgen auf der Redaktion. Am Empfang stehen zwei Kehrpakete von Eat by Alex f√ľr mich und meine Redaktionskollegin Jocelyne Iten bereit. Darin finden sich jeweils Zmorge, Zmittag und Znacht, ein Immun-Shot und ein Nachmittagssnack, Spirulina-Tabletten und ¬≠Probiotics. Itens Paket enth√§lt zus√§tzlich einen Protein-Shake. So wird es die [...]