We are expanding Swiss wide!

We are expanding Swiss wide!

We are excited to expand our delivery Swiss wide! With our new delivery partner, we will be able to deliver to major Swiss cities and their suburbs. See the map below for our new delivery range!!

With this expansion we switch to 2x delivery/week with each delivery containing 2 days of meals. This means less time our delivery cars and bikes are on the road, more flexibility for you to decide which meals you want as you get 2 days at once, and only 2 days per week where you need to look out for your delivery.


Expanding our delivery services to most of Switzerland is a significant move that will have a positive impact on both us and you, our customers. We are looking forward to being able to reach more customers, while also providing an improved level of convenience for our existing customers. Together we are reshaping the future of food!


One of the primary benefits of this expansion is the increased reach we will have. This will help us grow and expand our customer base and hopefully positively impact the well-being of even more people. As we are an online company with no physical store, having the potential for (almost) everyone who sees our website to be able to have our meals delivered straight to their mailbox is very important to us!


The expansion of delivery services also helps Eat by Alex to remain competitive in a crowded market. As you can probably feel, these times are difficult for small businesses, especially as more and more companies offer online ordering and delivery services. We know that we stand out from the crowd though due to our programs providing you with over 200 diverse whole food ingredients/week through super creative and healthy recipes, as well as our passion for innovation!


We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and look forward to meeting even more of you now!

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