• Golden Glow Powder
  • Golden Glow Powder

Golden Glow Powder

This Golden Glow Powder is our own blend of turmeric and other amazing spices which can be enjoyed with plant-based milk or water.

The main ingredient is turmeric, which has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect benefiting the whole body. For full potency, turmeric needs to be combined with a source of fat (such as nuts), black pepper (found in our latte mix), and heat. We use stevia green leaves as sweetener, so it is super nutritious but still has a nice sweetness to it.

Each pack contains 80 grams for roughly 30 portions. It is best consumed before one year from delivery. 


Mix 1 teaspoon of the mix with 1 cup (300ml) of boiling water or warm milk. If you use water, you can add a dash of milk too. For the best latte art, we suggest to mix 1 teaspoon of golden latte mix with very hot water until well combined. Froth the milk and add to golden water. 


Turmeric | Maca | Goji Berry | Cinnamon | Stevia Leaf | Ginger | Ashwagandha | Cardamon | Black Pepper


About 30 servings per container

Serving Size                           1 tsp

Amount Per 100 g

Calories                      275

Protein                         7 g

Carbs                        50 g

Fat                               5 g

Fibres                        31 g

Medjool Dates
Peanut Butter
Cacao Butter
Maple Syrup
Cacao Powder
Himalayan Salt

Serving Size     1 bar (45g)

Calories            214

Protein              4 g

Carbs                17 g

Fat                     14 g

Fibres                3 g

Each package contains 12 bars.

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