Our Partners

We love to collaborate with like minded individuals and companies in Switzerland! Together with our partners, we have created exciting programs, events, and new communities.

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Sarah Mälar

Yoga & Trapeze Zürich

Sarah is a passionate yoga teacher who loves to inspire and support others to find more balance in life. Her classes offer a strong dynamic practice to shape your body - from Yoga Trapeze training to calming Yin Yoga classes. We are lucky to offer her classes during our reSET program.

Nicole Niederer

Physio + Training Niederer

Nicole is a physiotherapist and pilates instructor whose work is based on functional training. Her holistic training improves body perception, balance, reactivity and coordination as well as muscle, ligament, and tendon strength. We are grateful to have her leading our reSET participants through pilates training.

Michèle Fabian

BeWell by Michèle

A holistic health & well-being coach as well as breath work & meditation teacher, who is dedicated to helping individuals become their healthiest and happiest selves. Michèle guides our reSET and reNEW participants through breath work during their program.

Jennifer Lawrence Dale

Soundful Breathing

Jen is a Sound Healing Facilitator who offers a number of experiences and practices that - through sounds, vocal release, guided breathing & visualisations and movement - brings peace, calm and clarity to the busy mind and body. A perfect addition to reSET.

Laurie Chicha-Gaudimier

Cabinet Coalescence

A PhD neuroscience expert, her unique and comprehensive approach, enables you to "see the invisible" and discover yourself in real-time through one-of-a-kind neurofunctional assessments. By initiating a change in mindset among her patients, she encourages awareness that concretely shows the effect of stress on their health, cognitive and psychological faculties, performance, sleep, nutrition, posture etc… Everything we usually consider innate and immutable becomes an achievable and motivating challenge to become a better version of ourselves!



An innovative, independent start-up with a forward-looking approach to improving quality of life that combines conventional and complementary medicine. In addition to our reSET program, book an Ayurvedic massage at JIVITA, find out in a micronutrient analysis whether your body has everything it needs, or do something good for yourself with breathing therapy.

Ryan Farrelly

Feel Good Fitness

Our neighbour in Enge, Ryan’s personal training approach is holistic, including nutrition, movement, supplementation, sleep and stress management. His recovery and stretch guidance is included in our reSET program.


Velocity Fitness Studios

Switzerland’s first Indoor Cycling and Strength Training studio, which delivers a whole new fitness concept. Find our adaptogen powders for sale at their Enge location.

Sandra Mikhail

Nutrition A-Z

Sandra Mikhail is an accredited practising dietitian, author, and founder and director of Nutrition A-Z. She specializes in digestive disease, sports nutrition, eating disorders and corporate health. Sandra’s passion for and work in gut health created a movement of normalising “poo talk”, shedding light on topics that you may find yourself secretly ‘googling’ about.


Integrail Health

Integrail is the proactive health platform where leading medical institutions and practitioners provide evidence-based diagnostics and interventions enabling you to be smart about preserving and improving your energy, resilience and long-term health.

Kelly Spring

Kelly supports the mental health of others as a strategist for mental well-being.

Evelyn Ludwig

Evelyn Ludwig

With a background in Health Science, Evelyn provides a holistic and longevity focused approach to her personal training.