Golden Glow Chia Pudding

Golden Glow Chia Pudding

This chia pudding is packed with nutrient-rich chia seeds, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and adaptogenic ashwagandha from our Golden Glow Blend. A yummy breakfast or snack for digestive health and anti-inflammatory support that will keep you satiated for hours.



¼ cup chia seeds

1 tbsp Golden Glow Blend

1 tbsp liquid sweetener (e.g. honey/maple syrup/agave syrup)

1 can full fat coconut milk

Topping ideas: mango, coconut flakes, berries. 



  1. In a bowl, combine the chia seeds and Golden Glow Blend.
  2. Add the coconut milk and liquid sweetener, and stir the mixture well to ensure the chia seeds are evenly distributed.
  3. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes and then stir again to prevent clumping. Make sure the chia seeds are well coated.
  4. Cover the bowl and refrigerate the mixture for at least 30 minutes or overnight to allow the chia seeds to absorb the liquid and create a pudding-like consistency.
  5. Before serving, give the chia pudding a final stir. If the pudding is too thick, you can add a bit more coconut milk to achieve your desired consistency.
  6. Divide the chia pudding into serving bowls or jars.
  7. Top each serving with diced mango.
  8. Enjoy your Golden Glow Chia Pudding as a nutritious and flavourful treat!
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