• Beet Balance Blend
  • Beet Balance Blend
  • Beet Balance Blend

Beet Balance Blend

Our Beet Balance blend combines anti-inflammatory beetroot, digestion supporting cranberry, and adaptogenic maca root to make a delicious women's health boosting blend.

Adaptogens contain active ingredients that may benefit your overall wellbeing by adapting how your body deals with stressanxiety and fatigue. Learn more.

Try in: lattes I cocktails I mocktails I shakes I iced tea & more!

Gut Health
Antioxidant Rich
Glowing Skin
Brain Power

All our snacks are:
Refined Sugar Free I Gluten Free I Made from Organic Ingredients

80 G
beetroot powder I cranberry powder I ginger powder I maca powder I stevia powder I raw vanilla

For lattes - mix 1 teaspoon of the blend with 1 cup (300ml) of boiling water or warm milk. If you use water, you can add a dash of milk too. For the best latte art, we suggest to mix 1 teaspoon with very hot water until well combined. Froth the milk and add to water.

Best consumed within 6 months from delivery. Each pack contains 80 grams for roughly 30 portions.
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