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Return the packaging

We have provided you with a return label and you can order a Swiss Post Pick@home for free here. Select the “deposited in the accessible house entrance” option.

REMOVE or cover the red “SameDay” sticker on the cardboard box, place the ice packs and aluminum inlay into the box, add the return label provided, and place the box outside for the Post to pick up.

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Mindfulness & Fitness Sessions

Video Guides

Join Alex in the 8 video guides below...

1. Welcome to reBUILD

2. How to Make Protein Seed Crackers

3. How To Make Homemade Plant-Based Kefir

4. How to Make Morning Mix as Overnight Oats

5. How to Make Morning Mix as a Shake

6. How To Make Morning Mix as a Porridge

7. How To Make Toasted Umami Seaweed Seeds

8. Thank you for joining reBUILD