Partenaire Temporaire

Partner with us to empower individuals in crafting a mindful lifestyle.

Who are our partners?

As a valued partner of Eat by Alex, your dedication to holistic health and the transformative impact of nutrition is evident. You are an instructor, trainer, guide, or coach seeking a partnership with a food and well-being expert to enrich your clients' experiences.


Our partners are an exclusive community of like minded individuals, who share a passion for the Eat by Alex philosophy.

  • Inspire your community

    Share a unique affiliate code to empower your network.

    Promote the power of food and Eat by Alex mission.

    Provide a more holistic health experience to your clients.

  • Feel the benefits

    Earn a commission on sales made with your affiliate code.

    Enjoy an Eat by Alex program discount for personal use.

    Access to join our events and create special collaborations.

At Eat by Alex, we are a company built on partnerships. We highly value our partners and aim to uplift and share their expertise with our community! We recognize that health is a holistic journey and our partners provide specializations that we don't, just as we do for them, ensuring both of our communities enjoy a fully holistic health experience.

Let's nourish together!