Our Meals

Rooted in nutrition, our food is a burst of flavours, textures, and colours. We take a macronutrient approach and treat food as medicine.100% natural, plant-based & cooked from scratch


Made from gluten-free organic oats, fresh berries, roasted nuts and/or seeds. Delivered cold but warm it up easily if you prefer.

Carbs 55g I Fat 18g

Protein 15g I Fibre 10g *


A whole grain base topped with leafy greens, cooked vegetable(s), a nutritious protein source, and crunchy nuts. Paired with a delicious, creamy dressing. Recommended to eat at room temperature, but also delicious warmed.

Carbs 80g I Fat 26g

Protein 20g I Fibre 17g *


Made from cooked vegetables and fibre rich whole grains. Receive a curry one day, and a spelt pasta the next - this bowl gives variety. Recommended to eat warm.

Carbs 45g I Fat 23g

Protein 15g I Fibre 10g *


A boost of goodness in a flavour punch of sour, spicy, and sweet. Fortified with Vitamin D and B-12 to ensure for a balanced nutrition profile.

Carbs 8g I Fat 0g

Protein 1g I Fibre 3g *


Made from unprocessed and refined sugar free organic ingredients. You won't believe the nutrients inside, they are so good! Receive a bar, fudge, cookie, muffin, cheesecake, our mousse.

Carbs 17g I Fat 14g

Protein 4g I Fibre 7g *


Made from unique combinations of natural ingredients and boosted with superfoods such as berries, blue majik powder and Açai. Rich in natural nut protein (no protein powder added).

Carbs 43g I Fat 26g

Protein 17g I Fibre 10g *

* these numbers are an approximation and are not represented exactly in every meal.