3 benefits of having meal plans

3 benefits of having meal plans

1. Convenient 

You save time meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking! Our team does this all for you. With our subscription feature you only need to go through the order process once, and then your meals are delivered fresh and ready to eat every day. All you need to do is enjoy! 


2. Reduce Decision Fatigue 

These days we are making decisions (for ourselves, and those around us!) all day long. This can get exhausting and by the end of the day, trying to decide what to make and eat for dinner is the last thing you want to do. With a meal plan, this decision is taken care of for you. Our chefs make sure that every day you are receiving a fresh, delicious, ready to eat meal that you are sure to enjoy. 

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3. Less Food Waste

Going out and buying all the ingredients for your meals is a big task, and then it is frustrating when at the end of the week you are left with a random assortment of leftover groceries. These leftovers often go bad before you can find a way to use them, and you throw them away. When you order a meal plan with us, you receive the perfect portion for each meal so there are no leftovers that go uneaten. In our kitchen we buy ingredients for the exact amount of orders, and cook all our meals in our zero waste kitchen. Together, we reduce food waste significantly!

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