use the power of food to enhance your wellbeing

Our nutrition programs provide fully cooked meals delivered straight to your mailbox. Feel the benefits of a whole foods and plant-based diet made from only the best high quality ingredients.

Together, we are reshaping
the future of food.


Nutrition Programs
Longevity Cleanse
Healthy Snacks


100% Plant-based
Whole Foods
For Energy & Gut Health


Optimise Your Time
2x Delivery / Week
Free Shipping over CHF 65


Harness the power of food to enhance your wellbeing - without sacrificing your time.

Our programs allow anyone, no matter how busy, to take a commitment to their health.

Weekly nutrition programs delivered on Monday + Wednesday evenings.

After one week, our customers report a boost in energy, less bloating, and glowing skin!

We are not about dieting or calorie-counting, we are about helping you forge long-lasting change.

We know incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet is challenging - so we are we are here as your resource for all things plant-based.

Our meals are rooted in nutrition.

Experience a burst of flavours, textures, and colours. We use more than 50 different whole foods ingredients per day which will support your gut health and leave you feeling satisfied.

Customer Stories

Meet our Founder

Alex founded Eat by Alex in 2018 with the dream and the mission to empower people to add more plants into their lives for a stronger body and a better planet.

"We encourage mindful eating, holistic nutrition, and sustainability to create a healthy lifestyle."

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