A-Life Review I Girlfriend Guide Zurich

A-Life Review I Girlfriend Guide Zurich


Chocolate for breakfast? Could this be a real diet? Apparently so, thanks to 25 years of research and local passion delivered to your door.

Eat by Alex created this new concept in Zurich based on the fast-mimicking diet (FMD) developed by Dr. Valter Longo, founder of the Longevity Institute in Los Angeles and who is better known for his best-selling book, The Longevity Diet. This periodic 5-day dietary intervention can be adopted by healthy adults 1-2x per year. Studies in his laboratory show that this cleanse “activates stem cell- based regeneration to promote longevity”.

Who is Dr. Valter Longo? 
Dr. Longo studied biochemistry as an undergraduate at the University of North Texas, and received his PhD in Biochemistry from UCLA, where he worked under calorie restriction guru Roy Walford, MD. He completed his postdoctoral training in neurobiology with longevity pioneer, Caleb Finch, PhD. He also received extensive training in immunology, endocrinology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, and pathology. Source.

The A-LIFE Diet.
Allowing your body to reap the benefits of fasting, while still receiving adequate micro and macro nutrients, EATbyalex developed all meals, snacks, supplements and selected beverages for 5 days which are delivered to your door by 9.00 Monday morning and participants are supported by a WhatsApp group chat. The first day begins with 1100 whole food calories, then drops down to 800 calories for the remaining 4 days. You are encouraged to consume all meals within 12 hours and fast for 12 hours overnight (for women). Already by Day 2, your body will naturally go into a fasting state, switching into a mode that will burn fat for energy rather than carbohydrates, allowing for autophagy (cellular cleanup). With strict adherence to the diet, your body can go into ketosis, a fat burning metabolic state where cells are cleansed and renewed. The meals are colorful and enticing, especially when Day 1, 3 and 5 begin with a Coco Granola Bar for breakfast.

A Typical Day.
Throughout the week, the number of supplements fluctuate, but include Multivitamins, Omega-3s EPA-DHA and B-complex. Breakfast always begins with a granola bar, which may be small for some but is incredibly satisfying, and a shot that is recommended to enjoy poured into 300ml of warm water. The shots are invigorating, switching between lemon-cayenne and lemon-mint-ginger. The daily soups for lunch and dinner are kept interesting with flavor combinations such as Pink Beetroot, Thai Cauliflower, Tomato-Lentil and Green Goddess. Scrumptious olives and toasted nuts ensure your mouth is entertained with some flavorful chewing (further activating saliva, to aid with digestion so you are not just drinking your soups). Snacks include Alex’s nutrient dense power-balls, goji and aronia berries. Daily mint and hibiscus tea aids with digestion and the release of fat from the cells, among other benefits.

Bonus: 2 LIVE eSessions.
Tuesday and Thursday of the program includes live Zoom sessions with Alex and personal trainer Ryan Farrelly from Feel Good Fitness. This is a nice opportunity to exchange questions and enjoy a short training in the comfort of your home. As Ryan cleverly explained it, the autophagy taking place in our bodies is like PacMan eating and replacing damaged cell components with newly generated ones! Meanwhile, he helped define how our bodies are switching into an abdominal/visceral fat-burning mode. The easy workout included light movements such as lunges, grasshoppers, side squats, planks and bowling side lunges. Curious for details from this pro? Just ask Ryan!

The Aftermath.
As one who doesn’t hold back with sugary indulgences, buttery sauces and a proper baguette, the cleanse was a nice break to lose some added weight (as we are currently in Corona Quarantine) and after 5 days, the scale smiled back with 5 pounds/2.26 kg less than Monday morning. While this could be attributed to water weight loss, the additional benefits experienced include feeling lighter, having a TON of energy after Day 3 with clear focused thoughts. There is also a new level of relaxation in the kitchen while preparing meals for the family alongside the cleanse, with love and attention going into meal preparation. The only struggle was sipping my soup while the family was enjoying a tantalizing dinner of mussels in a buttery white wine sauce, french baguette dipping included. Physically, the headaches on day 2 were tough…but they were expected and the day was spent at home (in quarantine!) resting. It’s good to plan for this in advance so work and chores are not affected, increasing personal agitation. After privately enjoying the cleanse so much and wanting to dive deeper into the benefits, it was a no-brainer to book a second week to support personal growth and Alex’s superb program.

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