Alex on the Dream Again Podcast by Crina Okumus

Alex on the Dream Again Podcast by Crina Okumus

Business Success Recipe: Entrepreneurial Keys, Holistic Health: Mind-Body Balance, Beyond Weight: Holistic Health Focus with Alex Marmaziu

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Are you looking for an unforgettable podcast experience brimming with captivating stories, life-changing insights, and irresistible plant-based recipes? 

Today, we're excited to welcome Alexandra Marmaziu, the founder of Eat by Alex, as our distinguished guest.

After a decade in the financial sector, Alex took a bold leap of faith, driven by her desire for creativity, meaningful connections, and inspiring others. She pursued culinary arts in Los Angeles under the expert tutelage of Matthew Kenney, leading her to become a trained chef specializing in whole food and plant-based nutrition.

Alex's remarkable ability to blend diverse cultures and artfully mix colors and flavors results in innovative and enticing recipes. In this episode, we'll delve into several thought-provoking topics with Alex.

  • Business Success Recipe
  • Entrepreneurial Keys Holistic Health
  • Mind-Body Balance Creativity Unleashed
  • Inner Innovator Plant-Based Power
  • Nourishing Life Beyond Weight
  • Holistic Health Focus Authentic Career
  • Risk & Dream Pursuit Overcoming Bullying
  • Embracing Health

Be sure not to miss the mouth-watering plant-based recipes and invaluable health tips Alex will generously share throughout our conversation! Get ready to be captivated by Alex's transformation, fervour, and victory tale. 


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