Let's make eating plants easy!

Let's make eating plants easy!

It can be overwhelming to start a vegan diet. You may think it needs to be all or nothing, and that you need to suddenly cut out all your favourite food groups!


At Eat by Alex, we're all about balance and variety, and this approach can also be applied to a vegan diet. This is why we use the word plant-based instead of vegan, because the goal is to source as much of your diet from plants - not put a label on yourself that for some may feel limiting. Instead of worrying about being 100% vegan, focus on these simple and gradual steps to make the transition to more plants on your plate easier and long-term.



1. Start with one fully plant-based day

Begin by dedicating one day a week to going completely plant-based. This will help you get a taste of what a plant-based diet is like without the stress of a full-time commitment. For example, designate Mondays as your "Meatless Monday" and commit to a fully plant-based diet on that day. Try a hearty mushroom bourguignon stew, a vegan red Thai pumpkin curry, or a simple yet satisfying avocado and hummus sandwich.


2. Say goodbye to processed meat

Processed meat can be heavy on the planet and your health. Did you know it is a class 1 carcinogen, the same class as tobacco? By eliminating it from your diet, you take a step toward a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle without completely removing all meat. 


3. Go pescetarian

If you're not ready to give up eggs, dairy, or fish, consider going pescetarian. This allows you to still enjoy some animal-based protein sources while reducing your overall meat consumption.


4. Explore vegetarian options

Take it a step further by going vegetarian. You can keep eggs in your diet, which are a versatile source of protein and nutrients.


5. Try an eat by alex recipe

Incorporating a plant-based meal into your routine (weekly, or even monthly) is easier than you think. Try an Eat by Alex recipe to discover delicious and nourishing plant-based dishes. For those who've been to our cooking workshops - have fun recreating some recipes from your cookbook!


6. Go for plant-based lunches 

Making just your lunches everyday plant-based is a great way to ease into the lifestyle. Salads, wraps, and grain bowls can be both nutritious and satisfying and there is probably a vegan option near your office.


7. Swap dairy for plant-based alternatives

Replace some dairy products with just as delicious plant-based alternatives. Enjoy oat milk in your morning coffee, or coconut yogurt with granola!


8. Eat plant-based at home

Try the simple rule of plant-based at home, and when you're eating out enjoy some animal products.


9. Focus on abundance, not restriction

Your mindset when approaching a new diet is very important. Rephrase how you think about plant-based diets - it is about abundance. Abundance of colours, flavours, textures, nutrients, and joy!


10. Be a plant-based snacker!

Enjoy snacks that are plant-based, such as fruits, veggies with hummus, or anything from our online shop



By following these steps, you'll gradually transition into eating more plants without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, it's not an all-or-nothing journey; it's about making conscious choices and embracing the delicious world of plant-based eating one step at a time. So, give it a try and discover how it is both easy and enjoyable!

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