Transition to plant-based with Manuela Leonhard

Transition to plant-based with Manuela Leonhard

Manuela Leonhard was one of the first participant on the Green Week Program so we took this opportunity to interview her and see why she took the leap to transition to a different diet and how she felt after her first week of eating super nutritious vegan meals. 

What was your mindset when you started?

A few months before I started the first program I got to know a young woman who eats vegan for many years already. I wanted to understand why she switched to vegan and the impact of it. So I felt I have to try this out and see what I would feel like when eating healthy plant-based food.

How did you feel mentally after one week of mindfulness?

I felt great, refreshed and <very healthy>, fit und full of energy. With other food comes tiredness sometimes, a bloated belly, depending on what it is, but with your nourishing food I never got that feeling at all.

What benefits did you see in your body?

I was fully present from early morning till evening, clear head and had a great digestion. I felt my body was completely nourished and didn't crave for anything in between, especially not sweets (that comes often after lunch). 

Would you recommend to your friends?

Yes for sure. I will myself regularly plan healthy vegan weeks and months in my meal plan. Only with longer duration I will find out if vegan eating also helps me fighting the menopausal symptoms.


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