Burnt Brussels Sprouts

Burnt Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts have such a bad rep but if you cook them right, they are so incredibly yummy. The secret is that they need a lot of heat either in the oven or in a pan. This Burnt Brussels Sprouts Recipe was created for a live Christmas Cooking Show on Instagram. You can replay it on IGTV (link here). The whole menu consists of an Aubergine and Mushroom Wellington including a Mustard Creamy Sauce, of Roasted Purple Potatoes and of Burnt Brussels Sprouts. The menu celebrates winter local vegetables using festive ingredients like puff pastry and a mustard creamy sauce. Despite being a vegan menu, the whole family will be happy to try and discover new flavours. I hope you will enjoy cooking this menu with your family and friends.



Serves 4 

500 g Brussels sprouts
30 g olive oil
1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt

20 g pine nuts or almond slices
1 pomegranate – deseeded



Clean and cut the end of each Brussels sprout. Heat a pan on high heat with the olive oil. Add the Brussels sprouts and salt, making sure to stir from time to time. The idea is to burn them on small surfaces. After 7 minutes add the balsamic vinegar and a lid and cook for another 5 minutes, only stirring occasionally. Remove the lid, reduce the heat to medium and add pine nuts and half the pomegranate seeds. Cook another 5 minutes without the lid. 



Transfer to a serving dish and cover the remaining pomegranate seeds.  

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