Mushroom & Aubergine Wellington

Mushroom & Aubergine Wellington

Do you love Wellingtons as much as we do? This Mushroom and Aubergine Wellington recipe was created for a live Christmas Cooking Show on Instagram that you can replay on IGTV (link here). The whole menu consists of this Aubergine and Mushroom Wellington including a Mustard Creamy Sauce, Roasted Purple Potatoes and Burnt Brussels Sprouts. The menu celebrates winter local vegetables using festive ingredients like puff pastry and a mustard creamy sauce. Despite being a vegan menu, the whole family will be happy to try and discover new flavours. I hope you will enjoy cooking this menu with your family and friends.


Serves 4

1 medium aubergine
1-2 tablespoon olive oil

40 g 
plant-based butter & a bit more melted to cover the dough
2 cloves garlic – finely chopped
1 medium shallot – finely chopped
5 sprigs of thyme – keep just the leaves
10 leaves of sage – finely cut
1/2 teaspoon salt or more to taste
pepper to taste
250 g 
portobello mushrooms or brown mushrooms
100 ml white wine
3 teaspoons mustard coarse grains
30 g pine nuts

One rectangular puff pastry (25x42cm)


Creamy Mustard Sauce

30 g plant-based butter
1 small shallot – finely chopped
1/4 teaspoon salt
50 ml white wine

50 g cashews
150 ml water

1 tablespoon mustard coarse grains




Pre-heat the oven at 220 degrees celsius with fan mode. Cut the aubergine in small cubes of 1cm. Transfer to an oven tray lined with baking paper and drizzle 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil. Bake for 15 minutes. Reduce the oven to 180 degree celsius for later. 

In the meantime, cut the mushrooms in small cubes of 1 cm. The easiest is to remove the stalks and cut them, and then cut the mushroom head. Heat a pan on medium heat and melt the butter. When hot, add the chopped shallots, garlic, pine nuts, herbs and salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes until translucent and then add the mushroom cubes. Cook until the mushrooms have reduced to half. Add the cooked aubergine and deglaze with the white wine. When the wine has evaporated, reduce the heat to low, add the mustard and mix until well combined. Transfer to a bowl that fits in your freezer, add too freezer and allow the temperature to come down for about 10-15 minutes. 

Cut the long side of the puff pastry in 3 parts. 1) 20cm, 2) 18cm and 3) 4cm. On a large oven tray lined with baking paper, add the 18cm pasty sheet first and cover with the aubergine and mushroom preparation leaving 1 cm border around. Cover with the larger pastry sheet. Using the tip of a fork close the Wellington making sure there are no gaps. Melt a bit of butter and brush most of it on the pastry. Using a knife score the dough diagonally every 3 cm making sure to not cut through. Use the remaining 4cm piece of puff pastry to create decorations like triangles. Add your decorations and cover them with the remaining butter. Bake for 30 minutes or until nicely golden. 


Heat a pan on medium heat and melt the butter. Add the shallots and salt, and cook until translucent for 3 minutes. Add the white wine and cook for another 2 minutes until the wine has evaporated. 

Make the cashew cream, by blending cashews and water. 

In the same jar or container you made the cashew cream, add the cooked shallots and blend a second time until very smooth. Transfer back to the same pan, add the mustard grains and warm up on low heat for 5 minutes. It should look creamy but not too liquid, otherwise cook a bit longer. Leave the pan on very low heat to keep warm. If it’s too thick you can add more water. 

Transfer to a saucer just before serving.  


Remove from the oven and delicately transfer to a serving dish. Serve with the mustard sauce, brunt Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes. 

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