Recreate the Eat by Alex magic in the comfort of your home.

Red Thai Pumpkin Curry

Easy, and delicious winter dinner. Add rice or quinoa on the side if you'd like.

Green Raw Lasagna

Impress your friends & family with this gorgeous green raw lasagna using fresh and vibrant seasonal ingredients!

Chanterelle Mushroom Ragout

This mushroom ragout recipe is inspired by a traditional ragout but using a seasonal ingredient; in this case local mushrooms called Chanterelles. 

Cinnamon Pecan Granola

Our famous granola recipe that is the best addition in plant milk, on coconut yogurt, or even on its own!

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie

Just in time for the Holiday Season, we have created the most delicious plant-based chocolate chip cookie recipe!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie

This recipe is so good, you won't believe how nutritious it is!

Red Thai Curry Paste

Use this curry paste for your curry or with our Red Thai Pumpkin Curry recipe!four Red Thai Pumpkin Curry!

Grapefruit & Coconut Black Rice Pudding

We created this recipe for a special project with Dior in honour of the new fragrance Sauvage Elixir. It was created using a mix of the major ingredients used in the new fragrance.

Summer Beetroot & Blueberry Bowl

We want to celebrate the amazing produce available during spring and summer time and are excited to see you preparing this yummy summer recipe.

Protein Seed Bread

Filled with seeds and natural protein and will keep you full and satisfied.

Banana Protein Pancake

Delicious and nutritious plant-based banana protein Pancake perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast.

Beetroot Hummus

Our famous hummus recipe! Super simple to make and always delicious.