Iced Beet Balance Latte

Iced Beet Balance Latte

Spring has arrived! And what better way to celebrate than by soaking up the sunshine with a refreshing drink.

Not only is this iced beet latte refreshing, but it also promotes hormonal health (maca), supports digestive health (cranberry), and is anti-inflammatory (beet).
Cheers to the second new start of the year! 


- 2 teaspoons Beet Balance Blend
- 100 ml water
- Enough ice cubes to fill your preferred glass
- 250 ml plant milk


1. In a small glass, add the Beet Balance Blend and a little bit of water. Mix together to form a paste. Gradually add the remaining 100 ml of water, stirring until smooth without lumps. Pour this mixture into your tall glass.
2. Add the ice cubes.
3. Fill your glass with plant milk until it’s full. Enjoy!

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