Hormonal Imbalance | Our Guide to Balance

Hormonal Imbalance | Our Guide to Balance

So many of us are affected by hormonal imbalance and might not even notice it with the daily stress of life. We are taking a moment to raise awareness on this subject to help you spot the signs of an imbalance as soon as possible.  

What does a hormonal imbalance look and feel like?

  • Lack of sleep and therefore fatigue
  • Difficulty to regulate & maintain weight
  • Night sweats and heat attacks
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Lack of sexual drive

Women often suffer from hormonal fluctuations in the course of their lives. For example when taking or discontinuing the pill or other hormonal contraceptive methods, during pregnancy, before our periods and around menopause. This often leads to weight fluctuations, migraines, acne, stomach cramps or depressive moods. With the right nutrition, hormonal imbalances can be balanced naturally and holistically. At Eat by Alex we believe you can support the body to take your hormones back under control with the help of nutrition, medicinal plants, breathing techniques that reduce stress and some form of exercise.

What can you do to regulate your hormones?

  1. Reset your body from toxins and unwanted hormones
  2. Eat a balanced and nourishing diet
  3. Build a healthy life routine
  4. Calm your nervous system and reduce stress
  5. Take more time for yourself via breathing exercises or simple walks

If you need support with all of the above, we have created New Life to help you regulate your hormones. New Life is a 9-day program that will reset your body & mind. It includes food for 9 days which starts with a 2-day clean eating phase, followed by a 5-day fasting-mimicking reset and that end with 2 days of clean eating to build a strong gut. We recommend booking New Life with the Hormonal Reset course offered by Corina Dettling. The course will give you tools from the areas of hormone-friendly nutrition, exercise, meditation, breathing and mindset that you can incorporate into your everyday life in order to find hormonal balance.

What are the there most important hormones affecting us and what do they regulate?

1. Cortisol or stress hormone
Cortisol is released in a stressful or dangerous situation. It is our body's alarm system and the main stress hormone. In old age, our body naturally produces more cortisol than in younger years.

2. Oestrogen or main female sex hormone
Oestrogens are female hormones involved in controlling the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, bone strength and other functions like bone density and muscle mass. In women, they are produced in the ovaries, but also in the placenta and adrenal cortex. Oestrogens fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle and drop after the menopause. 

3. Insulin
Insulin is produced in the body to regulate blood sugar levels. For our survival, a certain amount of sugar or glucose must always circulate in our bloodstream. Insulin transports the glucose into the body's cells so that they can use it as energy and then the blood sugar level drops back to a normal level. A balanced diet is essential for balanced insulin levels. 

If you are interested to go deeper and learn about all the tools to regulate your hormones, we recommend joining the special course Hormonal Reset by Corina Dettling.


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