Lemons are undoubtedly one of the most widely used citrus fruits in the world. Originally from Asia and really versatile in the kitchen, lemon can be used for its juice in both sweet and savoury recipes, on salads, as flavour enhancer, but also for its zest added to bakery and other dishes. At EATbyalex, we absolutely love using lemons and it used in so many of our recipes. Both the pulp and the zest are beneficial for health. In fact, nature made lemon as a whole fruit vital for human health and should be consumed possibly in its whole. The juice of lemon contains high amounts of vitamin C, which enhances the absorption of calcium, and when taken together they can maximise bone strength. What few people know is that the white skin outside the lemon pulp at the zest is rich in calcium, so that by consuming the whole lemon one can have optimal vitamin C and calcium absorption.



Lemon’s Vitamin C content boosts our immune system and purifies the blood, thus reducing the risk of flue, respiratory disorders and more severe diseases like cholera and malaria. Throat infections are also reduced with the antibacterial properties of lemon juice.

Lemon plays an important role in dental care. Lemon juice when applied on an aching tooth can significantly reduce tooth ache. Massaging lemon juice on the gums can stop gum bleeding.

We use lemon juice in all our Vitamin Shots to make sure you get your daily dose of Vitamin C. Our shot favourite combinations are lemon & fresh ginger, and lemon & cayenne pepper.



Despite its sourness, lemon is responsible for alkalinity in the body, hence providing anti-inflammatory benefits for the body and reducing back and joint pain as well as the risk for oral infections. Lemon is also a potent blood cleanser and settles an upset bowel syndrome by taking some juice dissolved in lukewarm water every morning after waking up on an empty stomach.

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