What is the True Price of Food?

What is the True Price of Food?

We've discovered something really interesting recently.

Picture this: you're at the grocery store, eyeing some delicious carrots, but they cost a bit more than the non-organic option.

Enter True Pricing!


What is True Pricing?

This concept takes a deep dive into the world of food, and factors in all the hidden environmental and social costs involved in its production. If we accounted for these external factors in the price of our food, you’d be in for a surprise!

Sustainable goodies like organic veggies might suddenly become the budget-friendly option, while other items could increase in price.

True pricing is an innovative approach to discussing sustainability in the food industry!


At Eat by Alex, we’ve always been passionate about sustainability, sourcing organic and local produce whenever possible and being 100% plant-based. But, as you know, that can sometimes come with a higher price.

True pricing offers an exciting glimpse into a future where the responsible choice is also the economical one! We're thrilled to explore how it could reshape the way we think about our favourite foods.

Source: http://www.truepricefoundation.org/


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