Cranberry Power Balls

Cranberry Power Balls


50 g raw almonds
50 g coconut flakes (desiccated)
50 g pitted Medjool dates
40 g dried cranberries
a pinch of salt


In a blender or food processor, pulse the raw almonds and coconut flakes to fine crumbs. Add the pitted dates (soak them if they are too dry) and the dried cranberries and mix again. To get to the right consistency – a sticky paste – you might need to stop the mixing, scrape the sides and mix again, do it a few times. Form balls in the palm of your hands from the mixture. 

Keeps well refrigerated !

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Hi Nicole and Ivy, yes unsweetened cranberries can be super hard to find here. Regular dried cranberries will work just as well :)

Eat by Alex

Hi Nicole, I find the unsweetened cranberries in Alnatura. :) Have you tried this recipie tho?


I’d like to try the recipe but if been searching for unsweetened cranberries everywhere… Do you know where I can find any in Zurich?


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