• Shroom Cacao Blend
  • Shroom Cacao Blend
  • Shroom Cacao Blend

Shroom Cacao Blend

Our Shroom Cacao blend combines brain boosting cacao and adaptogenic reishi mushrooms and maca root to make a creamy, energising, and immune supporting blend. Paired with antioxidant ceylon cinnamon, and cacao powder, this blend is magic!

Reishi mushrooms are adaptogens - meaning they contain active ingredients that may benefit your overall wellbeing by adapting how your body deals with stressanxiety and fatigue. Learn more.

Antioxidant Rich
Glowing Skin
Brain Power

All our snacks are:
Refined Sugar Free I Gluten Free I Made from Organic Ingredients

cacao powder I reishi I maca powder I coconut sugar I ceylon cinnamon I stevia powder

Mix 2 teaspoons of the blend with 1 cup (300ml) of boiling water or warm milk. If you use water, you can add a dash of milk too. For the best latte art, we suggest to mix 2 teaspoons with very hot water until well combined. Froth the milk and add to water.

Best consumed within 6 months from delivery. Each pack contains 80 grams for roughly 15 portions.
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