My reSET Experience

My reSET Experience

Our team members, Miranda and Fleur, recently undertook our latest reSET fasting-mimicking program and documented their week-long journey. In this blog, they go into detail about their experience.

It's important to recognise that the fasting-mimicking experience varies for each person due to unique physiological differences. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor or nutritionist, especially if you have specific health concerns, before embarking on our program. Your well-being is our priority, and personalised guidance ensures a safe and tailored approach to your health journey.


This was my first time doing reSET, or any type of cleansing program. I did a juice cleanse before, but that was only for 3 days and I didn’t make it to day 3. Water fasting is also something that I tried, but I could not even finish day 1. So I haven’t been successful with fasting and detox programs so far! However, I still wanted to experience the benefits of fasting, as it is so healthy for you, but I just did not want to commit to a water fast. Fasting-mimicking offered the perfect solution for me. I could still eat nourishing and delicious foods while getting the same results as a water fast. My goals were to reduce my cravings for sugar and to actually finish a program for once.

ReSET day 1 started off good. This is the day where you eat more calories to get your body into the flow. So, this day was definitely one of the easiest. I felt a bit hungry, but the hazelnuts and dates in the evening helped me, and I felt quite satisfied at the end of the day. The roasted and flavoured nuts were the highlight of my days. They were the perfect balance between sweet and salty, and that was exactly what I needed during reSET.

Day 2 and 3 were arguably the hardest days. I was only eating 800 calories per day. This was very difficult for me, as I am an active person and my metabolism is fast. In the mornings I felt weak. My lower back was also aching constantly from the detox. I preserved my energy as much as possible. My discipline was being tested, but I am proud that I persisted. However, at the end of day 3, I did cheat a little and ate an extra pack of reSET toasted nuts.

Day 4 was already easier, but the hunger persisted throughout reSET. Hunger is not something that everyone experiences during reSET. Some people are completely fine eating little calories, like my colleague Miranda. Day 5 was also one of the easier days, and I was proud of myself for finishing the fasting-mimicking program.

I did not experience any of the more common detox symptoms like headaches or dizziness, for example. The food was very enjoyable. We have new soup recipes, so I was happy to test these out. The soups were comforting, tasty, and nourishing. I was also delighted with the new breakfast mixes (vanilla and berry). You can eat them in three different ways, so it was fun to mix that up.

The weekend after reSET I felt really good. I was energetic, and I could even run before my breakfast. The first thing I ate was oatmeal banana pancakes, and I also made Alex’s Minty pea & avocado dip.

Not only was I content with myself for finishing it, I had some great results. My skin cleared up and is glowing. I had a few pimples and spots, and they disappeared. Secondly, I lost water weight, slimmed down in my face and feel leaner. I don’t have cravings for sugar after my meals and my appetite has reduced. Overall, I feel better and refreshed. I am glad I persisted and gave my body a reset. This experience made me consider doing a (bi-)weekly reSET of 1 day to give my body more rest using our reNEW program.


After the holidays, I felt the need to give my body a break and hit the reset button. I teamed up with my co-worker Fleur and decided to try the newest version of reSET, which was formerly known as A-Life. While I had experienced the A-Life program a few times before, this time around, it felt less challenging for me.


Being an avid coffee lover, accustomed to consuming three cups a day, I typically endure strong headaches during the initial days of caffeine withdrawal. Surprisingly, I only experienced a headache on the afternoon/evening of day 1, and by day 2, it had already disappeared. I also noticed a significant increase in my energy levels during this reSET. Though I felt a bit low and weak on days 1-3, my vitality improved notably on days 4 and 5. Fortunately, I consistently enjoy a good night's sleep during the detox period.


One of the notable improvements I appreciated in the reSET program was the introduction of the Bouillon Essence. This savory option proved to be a lifesaver whenever hunger or low energy struck. I really liked the new morning mixes, with the warm vanilla porridge emerging as my favourite. It not only kept me warm but also nourished throughout the morning. Additionally, the new soup recipes, enriched with various spices, were very tasty. The Golden Carrot Soup, in particular, stood out as my favourite.


What struck me the most, especially on days 4 and 5, was the heightened sensitivity of my sense of smell. Furthermore, my initially foggy mind cleared up, and I felt remarkably focused during the last two days of reSET.


Post reSET, I aimed to transition back to my regular habits slowly by sticking to a plant-based diet for the following two days. My first meal after the program consisted of homemade cashew cheese and a colorful, nutritious salad. The entire experience left me feeling rejuvenated, and the improvements made to the reSET program contributed to a more enjoyable and manageable detox journey.
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